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my pride and joy, ae86

Here is the car that replaced the s14. I love it and will never sell it. They are so much fun and handle brilliantly. Bought it with a stock big port 16v. Got bored with the power from the 16v and swapped in a 20v Blacktop. So many plans for it. Will keep posting progress with new updates with it. Some of the stuff i want to do is paint the inside(trd grey) get the car running on honda managment and give it a semi resto. Heres some spec list

20v BT ( rebuilt)
TRD blue shocks(8 way)
tomei technical trax 2 way lsd ( best mod i did to the car)
oil cooler
xr4 alloys
front strut brace, rear brace
Fully polly bushed
tech edge wideband
came with 80’s digi dash clocks, rewired in anolog dash clocks
slotted/drilled disks


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