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Painting rgv panels

August 25, 2011

Finally got round to painting some panels for the RGV   [ Advertisements

E30 :)

December 9, 2010

Finally got myself an e30 for very cheap. I stripped the inside to check for rust, and its in very good cond. The only place it has rust is the sunroof which is rotted. I’ll change the whole sunroof at a later stage( the whole lot, tray etc or else just weld a panel in […]

Finally got the parts for the type R engine

November 2, 2010

Full gasket kit including stem seals, crank seals, head gasket etc(every seal) Piston rings and ARP head stud kit. Once i get this done i’m more than likely gona sell it or break it.  After christmas im going looking for an old BMW E30. All going well, see how bad the next budget is going […]


October 8, 2010

Mounted the engine in the frame. I need to get a rear wheel and caliper etc from a vj22 as i want to use the 17 inch wheel. Have to get new head stock bearings also.

RGV engine nearly built

September 13, 2010

Painted the inside of the cam

September 13, 2010

Friends beta 250

September 13, 2010

Beta 250 came in for a rebuild but its in pretty bad shape, barrel, piston, small end, crank, big end all fucked. Head gasket went!!  so it was parked up. Water/coolant must of made its way down to the crank case. One of the pictures above shows how much water came out the crank case […]


August 9, 2010

Right, head is sorted now, time to move on…. Next thing planned is the ITR engine rebuild in Sept.  Its smoking like fuck,  really bad, its embarrassing 🙂 The car is very very fast though, got to modify the intake so it breaths a bit better and fix a worn bushing. Brakes in the car […]

May 10, 2010

Painted the RGV frame and swingarm  mat black. Fitted the driver rear training arm

Frame primed, ITR exhaust, R1

April 18, 2010

Got the frame in primer today. Heres  a couple of pic of the exhaust. Its actually a CTR mid section with a uk ITR back box. The flanges are different so ill have to do a bit of welding.  Pic of the R1 also.