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Right, head is sorted now, time to move on…. Next thing planned is the ITR engine rebuild in Sept.  Its smoking like fuck,  really bad, its embarrassing 🙂 The car is very very fast though, got to modify the intake so it breaths a bit better and fix a worn bushing. Brakes in the car are fantasic also. I’m really missing my cam so that needs some love too.

Heres some pics of one of the lads em1 civic,  chipped the ecu for him(p28) running crome on a jap sir ign and fuel tables. Put some Type R cams in it the other day. Says theres a liitle difference alright but it really needs to be mapped.

Pics are bad, taken from my shite phone, getting an iphone tomorrow 🙂

This is the state my garage is in, once a work shop, needs sorting!!!!!!!!

The way the cam stands now, pic of some arch work etc, and how the civic(sleeper) is now.


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