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Archive for March 2010

Project fuel efficent

March 26, 2010

This B18c engine is the test mule for my little lean burn theory. Hoping for over 50mpg motor way driving. The real goal is when i build my d16 turbo engine, over 300whp with over 65mpg. Fuck diesel motors, they belong in tractors. Advertisements

Painted Civic

March 24, 2010

Sprayed the side of the civic the other day. Did a bit of a rush job on it. I always fuck things up when i rush. First i mixed the base coat and added a hardener which i wasn’t ment too(single stage paint). Still it turned out  good. blended pretty well. It was all fine […]

ITR enigne in

March 7, 2010

Got the ITR engine in today.  The shifter pin was seized in the shifter linkage, after an hour of hammering the shit out of it and then throwing the hammer at it which bounced back and hit the bonnet. I got the grinder out. Had to then reweld it. Other than that it went in […]

TZR 125

March 2, 2010

Took out the tzr engine again. Had to split the engine again as the sealant i used before was cheap crap that i got free and never set properly, leaving oil from the gearbox into the crank case. Used 3 bond sealant(same as suzuki,honda, yamaha bond) Only took half the day to do it all.(how […]