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Archive for February 2010

ITR engine

February 26, 2010

Got he ITR engine yesterday. Took the old d series out today. Waiting on a mount, should be hear next week. So ill stick it in then. I have no exhaust for it so i have to make up one. G] Advertisements

RGV Panels

February 24, 2010

Here’s some pics of the RGV panels just after wet sanding. Need to prep/prime the tank, frame and swingarm next. There still not perfect but considering these frairings were really bad yo start with there a hell of alot better.

honda civic d16, EG, b18c type r

February 21, 2010

hb This is my project civic. Going to have a b18c integra type r engine and running gear, and brakes. This is going to be my daily driver. Fitted an SIR interior with black dash recently. Had to spray the rear bumper, i need to wack out some more dents, spray the front bumper and […]

RGV 250 resto vj21

February 21, 2010

This is my 88 vj21 RGV 250 im rebuilding. Full nut and bolt rebuild. Painting the frame black and painting the body in pepsi colours. Its going to have, vj22 jap sp engine, 34mm carbs, 22 electrics, tyga pipes, vj22 swing arm, 22 rear wheel. I have the panels in primer and hoping to spray […]

my pride and joy, ae86

February 21, 2010


ae86 civic, type r 20v

February 21, 2010

My old s14, got bored and sold it. Dont think ill ever go back to turbo. I think N/A is much better. Chipped the ecu with a daughter board called bikirom. Fully programmable ign and fuel etc.